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Thank you for visiting our website. Our website is dedicated to saving the earth.

We recycle objects to help prevent landfills.

Here on our site you will see our "creations from used objects" as well as another form of our recycling, "selling used items" instead of throwing them in the trash. "Restoring photos" is another way we keep the cycle going.


We want to make a "footprint" in our time so our children and children's children can make footprints in their time.

Each piece you purchase will have the recycled objects information.


Most of our "objects" are one of a kind. If by chance we have 2 buyers on 1 item the first buyer will purchase the item.

The 2nd buyer will be given a full refund or if the item can be reproduced we will offer a "custom made order".

We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often as each day provides another possibility for a new creation on our site!

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 Material on my websites can not be sold or reproduced in any way or included for sale as part of a larger package...

Do not include the material in books, magazines or television shows.  You are welcome to include a reference (ie:  web address) to the websites, but not the content or images. 

Do not copy any of the content onto another website.  It takes a lot of time and effort to produce these materials...please adhere to our copyright laws. Thank you!